Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
Kolodvorska cesta 21
SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenija

Diesel Counterbalance Forklift Truck from 6 to 10.0 tons

AD60 to 6.0 tons
AD70 to 7.0 tons
AD80 to 8.0 tons
AD100 to 10.0 tons


Easy Operation
Tiltable steering column
The steering column can be adjusted to accommodate any size operator in comfort.
Easy entry and exit
A low floor height and non-slip steel steps provide a safe entry and exit from the cab.
ad8-01 ad8-02
Hight Stability
Hydraulic steering system
The hydraulic systems delivers light steering, quick and accurate response and a small turning radius.
Mast lock system (optional)
The mast lock system automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat.
Stable double front wheels (standard)

ad8-03 ad8-04 ad8-05

Great Performance
OKAMURA transmission
- smoother driving with fewer shifts.
- greatly increased torque ratio.
- much less wear on the shifting components, improving performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.
Mini lever (optional)
The forward/reverse lever delivers easy fingertip control. An electric solenoid provides fast and easy directional changes.
Deluxe suspension seat (opetional)
The Grammer suspension seat allow greater range of tilting and fore/aft adjustment as well as weight adjustment to accommodate all size operators.
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