Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
Kolodvorska cesta 21
SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenija

ALTADO Forklift

In 2001, the head of production of forklifts and warehouse equipment of the ALTADO company began his career as a head of the service department of the company for the repair and maintenance of forklifts and construction equipment (excavators, mini loaders, etc.).
In 2012, ALTADO d.o.o. was founded, whose main activity is the research and design, development of technical documentation, engineering and production with high precision of complex and dimensional parts, spare parts for equipment for various purposes.
Forklifts and construction equipment service is becoming one of the activities of the company.
In 2017, it was decided to develop a new manufacturing concept of forklifts and warehouse equipment under ALTADO brand.

Reasons why you choose ALTADO loaders:

- We have been servicing loaders for over 25 years and know all the problem areas of this technology, therefore, the ALTADO forklifts are reliable and unpretentious;

- High quality product for reasonable price;

- Cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of components used in ALTADO forklifts, reduces delivery times and determines the long life cycle of using the equipment;

- A wide range of additional options gives you the opportunity to get exactly those functions that are necessary in the course of your work and not overpay for unnecessary functionality;

- Wide range of colors;

- Operating technical support and service;

- Customized development of forklifts in accordance with your requirements and requests because we can make a design by our own;

-  We value our partners and constantly improve the equipment based on feedback from users and recommendations from suppliers.

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